Lancelot Central Limited

Investigation and risk management consultancy

Based in London, we provide specialist risk management and investigation services worldwide

Expert Risk Management

Complex challenges solved

The team at Lancelot Central Limited are committed to solving complex challenges, applying expertise and experience combined with fresh innovative thinking to create custom-built solutions for our clients.

Specialist services


Litigation support

Litigation support

Lancelot provides training, coaching and audit support to individuals and companies.


Crisis management

Lancelot manages multi-jurisdiction investigations on an array of complex issues.


Investigation services

Lancelot provides strategic advice and support to legal counsel in complex disputes.

Crisis management

Risk mitigation consultancy

Lancelot helps identify and mitigate threats against individuals and businesses.

Compliance audit and training

Compliance audit and training

Lancelot provides corporate risk management, due diligence and fraud protection, amongst other services.